'"Talk with Nippon companies'" no.1: FUBIC SI Co., Ltd

'"Talk with Nippon companies'" no.1: FUBIC SI Co., Ltd


"Talk with Nippon companies" no.1: FUBIC SI Co., Ltd

Interview with FUBIC SI Co., Ltd

Hi guys,

Shirofune’s editorial team です!
We are happy to let you know that a brand new column called “Talk with Nippon employers” was kicked off today.

This special column is a series of interviews between Shirofune team and various Japanese companies that have succeeded in hiring foreign nationals to find more about the key to their success.

We believe that “Talk with Nippon employers” will bring huge benefits to both employers who want to welcome foreigners to their teams and foreign nationals who want to work in Japan.

Our first interview is with Mr.Yamaguchi, Director of Fubic SI Corporation (SDP Division).

Fubic SI Co., Ltd Introduction:
・Appointment scheduling and currency application for Dr.Stretch, personal training application development etc.,
・Company Name: Fubic SI Co., Ltd Introduction
・Date of establishment: February 2019
・Number of employees: 43 (as of April 1, 2020)

Interviewee: Mr. Yamaguchi, President of Fubic SI
Interviewer: Aoki from Shirofune editorial team

So, let’ s get started!

Can you tell us why your company is actively recruiting foreign engineers?

Mr.Yamaguchi: In my personal opinion, our country will face many difficulties in the next 2~3 years if we merely rely on Japanese engineers and close the doors to foreigners. And if we don’t get used to working foreign nationals in the IT industry, I think that Japanese engineers will be left behind in the long-run competition. Plus, I’m expecting that foreign engineers recruitment will act as a catalyst for motivating employees to sharpen their skills, thus creating strong and healthy organizations.

How is your company's internal communication? What do you do to keep the harmony between native and foreign employees at your workplace?


Mr.Yamaguchi: Regarding communication, many foreigners can’t understand, for instance, the nuances of Japanese language, therefore lagging behind in the company's activities. However, there is no such problem in one-on-one conversations.

Some people might suggest that Japanese and foreigners have a different way of receiving information just because they are different nationalities but I think there is no such a thing like that. As a company, we value close communication, therefore we always have one-on-one conversations to understand more about each other’s perspectives. Moreover, foreign members also have another one-on-one meeting with their mentors once a week where they are welcomed to be open about their own opinions which are normally difficult to express explicitly, to get their concerns and doubts resolved as soon as possible.

What do you expect from a foreign engineer at managerial positions?

Mr.Yamaguchi: I do hope that we could expand our recruitment on foreigners by having current forgein employees at the lead position. Additionally, all foreign engineers are expected to have excellent English proficiency so there are almost no psychological barriers among them. To be honest, there are still not many Japanese speaking English fluently by far.

Is there anything that you take into account for job interviews with foreign candidates?

Mr.Yamaguchi: Actually, there is not much difference from the hiring process done with Japanese people, but we tend to pay more attention to whether the candidates are a good fit or at least, can adopt our company’s business missions and values. We'll go into particular depth on how they perceive their relationships and failures in the past work.

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