Web application developer/ PHP(Laravel)+AWS/ N3

 Seller acccount insurance system



Posted on 2021/04/02
Job type Server-side Engineer
Programming language PHP
Filter by IT skills PHP
Filter by years of experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary min 4.0 M JPY (Annual)
Salary max 5.0 M JPY (Annual)
Japanese level  Business level (Intermediate)
English level None
Ref ID 5758
Job appeal Remote work; Flex time; Foreigner friendly company
Contact Name 4171
Your email address 4171@jellyfish-g.co.jp

- Japanese: N3 and up (Babel 10 and up)

- At least 3 years of experience in website development using PHP & Laravel

- At least 3 years of practical experience with AWS

- Knowledge of database and Linux server

Good to have

- Experience with Stripe payment API and MWS-API is a plus.

- In-depth knowledge of Core Animation / Core Graphics for UI implementation

- At least 3 years of experience in web design is a plus

About the company

Account insurance type business: Operation and development of "in-house service A". We provide an insurance-type service developed in-house to help Amazon sellers manage their sales accounts over the long term, and it is the fastest-growing service in the market today, with 820 companies adopting it in 14 days!

In 2019, we started to operate our own service A as a place where Amazon sellers can share information on intellectual property rights held by brands and manufacturers, as well as information on the distribution of counterfeit goods, and the number of members is expanding at an astonishing rate of 1200% year-on-year.

- Acquisition of risk information in exchange for economic value

- DB registration and storage

- A patent has been filed for the process of disclosing the risk of selling items in web applications.

- Development of a matching application between sellers and buyers and operation

In the future, AmazonUS will be linked to the home country, and there are plans to establish an offshore company and local sales and service businesses.

Work Responsibilities

Recruitment background

Our business is expanding.

This position will be responsible for maintenance, management, updates, and other design-related tasks.

[Job Description]

- Development, improvement, and management of web applications (cellar sketches) (AWS / PHP / Laravel)

- You will be responsible for the design and development of websites and web applications and follow up on the overall operation of the site.


[Working environment]

- Working from home is recommended. Work can be done via video chat, etc. as needed.

- If you want to come to the office, that is negotiable.

- You will only come to the office on Friday afternoons for meetings (We are currently working from home).

Preferred personality

- Self-motivated and proactive.

- Those who can actively express their ideas and opinions.

- Able to work to create good services for users without hesitation.

Development environment

Development OS: Mac/Windows

Development tools: PhpStorm/npm

Server OS: Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS)

Language: PHP/Javascript/SQL/HTML/CSS

Framework: Laravel DB: MySQL

Cloud: AWS

Internal Communication: Chatwork, Zoom


Total number of employees: 6 (including 2 engineers from Korea and Myanmar)

Other: 1 writer, 1 customer support, 1 ad management.

1 writer, 1 customer support, 1 advertising manager, 8 outsourced workers (mobile support is currently being handled by an external company)

Working hours


*No overtime

*Only come to the office on Fridays (for meetings)

Welfare and Benefits

- Full social insurance (unemployment insurance, worker's accident compensation insurance, and unemployment pension)

- Stock options grant system (depending on years of service)

- Max 100,000 yen compensation for those who move out of the prefecture (Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, etc.)

- Transportation expenses for commuting to work once a week (all actual expenses paid)

- Rent subsidy of 30,000 yen per month


Weekends and national holidays ・New Year vacations (12/27-1/4)

Interview Process

1)Document screening (With the Korean Engineering head) (Japanese resume required)

2) Online test of programming skills and knowledge (selective, 15-minute content)

3) Interview (online interview) (CEO)



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