Web engineer/ Fashion wholesale system/ N3




Posted on 2021/03/26
Job type Server-side Engineer
Programming language Java
Filter by IT skills Java
Filter by years of experience 3 - 5 Years
Salary min 5.0 M JPY(Annual)
Salary max 10.0 M JPY(Annual)
Japanese level  Daily conversation level
English level None
Ref ID 5721
Job appeal in-house development
Contact Name 4211
Your email address 4211@jellyfish-g.co.jp

・Japanese N2 level (level that does not interfere with communication in Japanese via chat tools and does not interfere with internal communication)
・3+ years of experience developing in Java and JavaScript
・3+ years of experience developing on Mac

Good to have

・Experience in Scala, Kotlin (Playframework, Akka) development
・Experience in AWS development
・Experience in iOS (swift) and Android application development
・Love of fashion
・Passion to innovate the analog industry with IT

About the company

In order to support the growth of the fashion business, the company launched "In-house Product 1" in 2014. In-house Product 1" is an order and supply system that realizes overwhelming operational efficiency in order-taking operations (sales, accounting, logistics, EC construction, inventory management, etc.) from exhibitions and retailers, which are the places where new collections are presented.

To date, more than 300 brands and 12,000 retail buyers have used the system, and the total cumulative distribution amount is expected to surpass 100 billion yen by fiscal 2019.

We are currently in the second phase of our business development, moving from the phase of launching services as a company to the phase of increasing the satisfaction of the customers using our services and increasing the value we provide. We plan to maximize the use of our accumulated assets and take on the challenge of new business domains.

Work Responsibilities

【Job Description】
・You will be involved in the overall development of the company's products, which are developed and operated by the company.
・You will be responsible for the overall development of the company's products.
・You will be responsible for the development of all aspects of the company's products. Therefore, it is possible to be involved in a wide range of processes, from the most upstream processes to outsourcing management and customer support.
・This is an environment where we can flexibly incorporate the latest technologies as they become available. 

【Job Appeal】
In the fashion industry, sales channels and consumer behavior are diversifying, and many services exist. In this environment, our mission is to support growth by maximizing the use of data starting from "exhibitions", which are the starting point of distribution. By spreading the business process we have designed to many brands, we can make a significant contribution to the growth of the industry.

1 Director + 2 Engineers
3 outsourced

Preferred personality

・Interest in our services, flexibility, absorptivity, and honesty, rather than current ability.
・A person who is always interested in new technology and business, and is not afraid to take on new challenges.
・You are not limited to the scope of your work, but are interested in a wide range of areas, from front-end to infrastructure, from sales to customer support.

Development environment

Development language: Java, JavaScript
Framework: Play Framework FuelPHP
Environment: Amazon, Web Service, Linux
Database: MySQL, AWS
Project management: Git, Jenkins, JIRA


10 people (plus 6.7 external collaborators) *One foreign national (Spanish)

Working hours

10am - 7pm
*Currently working full remote.

Welfare and Benefits

・Unemployment insurance
・Worker's Compensation Insurance
・Health Insurance
・Employee pension insurance
・Commuting allowance (up to 30,000 yen/month) or telework allowance


・2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)
・Year-end and New Year vacations
・Paid vacations
・Congratulation or condolence leave

Interview Process

・About 2 interviews (with coding test)
・First round (representative) → Final round (engineers and management department)
・Depending on the number of interviewers, there is a possibility that there will be three interviews.
・Applicants living overseas are welcome.


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