World's top class in wire harnesses for automobiles

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Address: Tokyo

The Company:

The company is an independent manufacturer that boasts its position as one of the world's leading manufacturers of wiring harnesses for automobiles, and is a global company with 143 subsidiaries and 250,000 employees in 45 countries including Japan. The company's development concept is "Tsunagu," and it uses its unique perspective and technology to create a variety of products that are useful to society by connecting people and things, or things and things.

The company's main products are wiring harnesses, which compactly bundle the electric wires and information circuits required for automobiles, and are the nerves and blood vessels of the car. Our products are highly evaluated by major car manufacturers in Japan and other countries, and we are proud to be one of the top manufacturers in the world.

The Product:

We are engaged in the planning and development of a platform for the utilization and foundation of data for the mobility society. This time, we are looking for a person who can use AI to handle big data efficiently according to the needs.

The Highlights

Many of the digital tachographs installed in trucks are manufactured by the company, and data from 110,000 units and 19 million kilometres per day is accumulated. Currently, the company is considering anonymizing the data, processing it, and selling it. We believe that the above will help to realize a motorized society that is one step ahead in predicting and preventing accidents and avoiding traffic jams.

・We are a global supplier with offices in 44 countries, serving complete car manufacturers around the world. 
・Our main products are highly evaluated by overseas customers for Japanese technology related to fine and delicate parts, or for the accuracy of meters and sense of design. 
・We have our own big data. 
・High ratio of overseas sales

・You can be involved in the development of new services/products that utilize our unique big data. 
・Good training system.

・Welfare benefits are substantial, so living expenses can be reduced.
・Working remotely is OK depending on the situation. 
・Less than 20 hours of overtime work